NetEnt unveils Jumanji as their next big hit

Last week, Net Entertainment cruelly left us hanging for several days, wondering and pondering what the theme of their next big hit could be. All we were teased with was a brief few seconds of a black screen and a lion symbol. What could that have meant? The casino gaming world went into overdrive as we all threw out our thought and opinions on what it was that NetEnt was hinting at. Now though, the truth is out – NetEnt’s next big hit will be Jumanji.

About the slot

Apart from the name of the game – as its obvious connotations with either the 90s film starring Robin Williams, or its recent sequel, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – we have very little to go on. A recent date is seemingly quite some way off, although we do know that the Scandinavian online casino software developers will be unveiling their newest game at the ICE Gaming exposition in London in February. Until then, NetEnt are unlikely to be forthcoming with information regarding their new Jumanji slot machine.


The ICE Gaming exposition is usually where the internet casino developers like to showcase their biggest hits. Any slot which appears at the exposition is unlikely to make its debut in the online casino world until Easter at the earliest. In fact, given the size of this new game and its apparent popularity (already), we are looking at an early summer release for this game. NetEnt made players wait over 6 months before they unveiled their Aliens slot (another major Hollywood franchise game, which has since been discontinued) so don’t expect to get your hands on the new Jumanji slot at any point in the immediate future. At least for now, the mystery surrounding this new game is over.

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