NetEnt opens up about what it takes to create a truly great slot game

When most annual reports are made available for reading, all someone can expect to see is a bombardment of stats and figures. Generally these do nothing to engage with the casual player, however, by the looks of things NetEnt is all set to break that monotonous trend. The 2015 Annual Report from the famed online casino software developer certainly makes for interesting reading, especially as they have taken then time to open up about what it takes to create a great casino slots game.

First things first

Within the report, NetEnt addressed the fact that all great slot games need a base, a base that has the ability to pull together all the amazing credentials that follow. When you look at NetEnt titles, what they deliver is thrills, spills, and all-round entertainment. What is “good” and “great” tends to differ from player to player, as some players may prioritise big jackpots over theme or vise versa. But most would attest that NetEnt have the magic touch when it comes to game creation.

Remaining grounded

A flashy game with fascinating features will be rendered worthless if it doesn’t perform appropriately. What players will find within practically every NetEnt title is stability, and a game that isn’t rocked when placed under pressure. Attempting to deliver a video game like experience, NetEnt has invested heavily into stable game framework creation and it shows.NetEnt opens up about what it takes to create a truly great slot game

Keep ‘em coming

Lastly, anyone who takes the time to read through the NetEnt 2015 Annual Report will see a trend appear. As page after page you are likely to see a selection of smash hit games addressed. Assuring quality across the board, NetEnt understands that one swallow certainly doesn’t make a summer. Featuring over 200 different titles across seven different genres, NetEnt proves that it’s a case of punches in bunches, with a casino developer needing more than just one great game on-board in order to stand tall. 

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