NetEnt Announce Release Date For Halloween Jack Slot

Halloween may not be considered just around the corner quite yet, but that doesn’t mean that online slot developers are not already looking towards the spooky slots they’ll be releasing when the end of October comes around.As is often the case, one of the first developers to spring in to action has been Swedish software giant, NetEnt, who have announced a release date of October 24th (2018) for their Halloween Jack game.NetEnt Announce Release Date For Halloween Jack Slot

What we know

With Double Stacks due for late September and Coins of Egypt being released earlier in October, the NetEnt Roadmap makes it clear that there’ll be a host of treats around this time, but when it comes to Halloween Jack, we are limited in what we know so far.There have been no mages or teaser videos released yet, in fact, all we have to go on is the name Halloween Jack.NetEnt being NetEnt, the most logical way to go is for Halloween Jack to be a character, not unlike the famed protagonist (or perhaps antagonist) of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but we could be entirely off the mark there.From Halloween slots that have come from NetEnt before, we know they won’t hold back when it comes to creating an eerie, seasonally suitable slot, and that’s what we expect from Halloween Jack, whatever it may look like.

Exciting times to come

NetEnt may well throw some extra gameplay features into Halloween Jack, they tend to get surprise happy towards the end of the year, and with a host of games due between now and late October, and a fair few more expected afterwards as well, there’s still time for NetEnt to surprise us a few more times.Halloween Jack may be an unknown entity right now, but we feel like it’s going to be a good one!

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