Mega Jackpot slots pay out two prizes in a single day

IGT’s Mega Jackpots have been working overtime lately, with two major progressive prizes paid out in the space of 24 hours. Last Wednesday, one player managed to scoop a more than respectable cash prize of just over six hundred and fifty grand, whilst the next night a player bagged over half a million pounds in progressive jackpot prizes.mega jackpots

Jackpot Payouts

The first win (on the Wednesday) saw a total of £669,048 paid out to one lucky player. Whilst the very same jackpot paid out another £513,164 the day later. This doesn’t normally happen in the online slot world, least of all when it is the same progressive jackpot. The rapid pay-outs have caused quite a stir in the online casino world, with huge numbers of players now flocking to IGT’s Mega Jackpots slots to try and make it three in a month.

Had an Overhaul

The Mega Jackpots slots recently received a bit of an overhaul. Although there are three slot games running the Mega Jackpots progressive jackpot, there is only one progressive jackpot to be won. This is also the only progressive jackpot to be released by IGT. The most recent IGT progressive jackpot slot to join the club was Isle O’Plenty, which is themed on Irish luck; a common theme amongst online slot machine games.

More Frequent Payout

Normally, the Mega Jackpots progressive prize is paid out once every 20 weeks. Since the redesign of the games, that has come down quite a bit, with prizes being paid out more frequently. Nobody ever imagined that it would pay out twice in 24 hours though. It is likely that even IGT is baffled by that rapid pay-rate.

Worked Wonders

The reduced waiting times between progressive pay-outs has worked wonders for Mega Jackpots though. Until the changes were made, IGT were falling behind other developers in terms of the popularity of their progressive jackpot slots.

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