Less Than a Week Until the Fight of the Century

The waiting is almost over, the time for talking is done, and this Saturday, Mayweather and McGregor will step into the ring to take part in what may well be the most highly anticipated boxing contest in history.The official start time of the bout is yet to be announced, but for UK customers it’s likely to be well into the early hours of Sunday morning before your night is done.On the other hand, UK players can enjoy the pay-per-view for substantially less than those in the States, with the UK cost of the PPV being £19.95 and €24.95 being the price in the Republic of Ireland.Less Than a Week Until the Fight of the Century

The odds

William Hill has had Mayweather as a clear favourite since the match was confirmed some time ago. However, these odds have become a little more even. Mayweather was the 1/11 favourite, nut ¼ is now the price, while betting on McGregor carries odds with 3/1. A draw is the long shot here with 40/1 odds.There are some interesting bets to be made at William Hill around, for example, McGregor to land less than 25 punches and Mayweather to win every applicable round on official scorecard has odds of 12/1.Less Than a Week Until the Fight of the Century

Why have the odds changed?

The recent announcement that the fighters would be using smaller, lighter boxing gloves helped McGregor’s odds a little, as this is closer to his comfort zone, but as oddsmaker Nick Bogdanovich explained, it is the UFC fans betting on McGregor making the difference:“Realistically if we were just putting up a number and didn’t have to take bets on it, Floyd would be 1/100.”It’s clear that the majority of boxing insiders expect the fight to go one way, but with McGregor, you can just never be too sure.

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