LeoVegas Launches Their Live Casino

Considering how competitive a market the world of online casinos is, it is no surprise that even those sites which have found a large amount of popularity are always looking for ways to improve.The latest string to the LeoVegas bow is their brand new live casino, LeoVegas Chambre Separee, which was launched at the iGaming Super Show 2016.

Social focus

According to Daniel Sahl, of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Gaming Innovations, the new live casino was born of a need to appeal to the tech savvy younger generations.This “extraordinarily social” younger generation like to engage and interact with each other in as many online environments as possible, and this new live casino should give them a chance to do this.LeoVegas are going for the millennial market with additions such as Celebrity Blackjack, where gambling mixes with celebrity gossip. Two dealers will be dealing at the same time, selected for their knowledge and social skills as well as their dealing skill, there will also be sports, tech, and celebrity news displayed on screen.LeoVegas Launches Their Live Casino

Separate product

For those who use LeoVegas’ mobile casino and are worried that there will be changes after the launch of this new product, fear not.LeoVegas Chambre Separee will be a separate entity from the main site, a fast loading, simple mobile site which will have no hindrance on LeoVegas as a whole.Karolina Pelc, Head of Casino at LeoVegas thinks it is variety that will make the difference:”I think that variety is the spice of life, and the same as slots players like to have access to different kinds of content providers, the feedback we got from VIP players we met and live casino players was that they would want the same kinds of things so we actually have five different live casino providers integrated and we’re looking to provide even more, so I think this is great because we can provide different kinds of features.”LeoVegas Launches Their Live Casino

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