Kerching Casino Sees Its Biggest Winner To Date

As most of you will know, slot games have become a massive online casino favourite nowadays. Online slots are not only fun, but can potentially give players massive wins on some of the smallest stakes, especially progressive jackpot slots.

Kerching Winner

Over at Kerching Casino, one lucky player who would dream of winning a mega jackpot has had his dream realised when he scooped over £1.4M.Jordan who resides in London is Kerching’s biggest ever winner to date, with the jackpot totalling £1,413,800.62. Jordan was playing IGT’s MegaJackpots Isle O’ plenty slot, Irish themed slot, the win makes him the 43rd IGT MegaJackpots winner!Speaking on his win Jordan explained, “ I’m absolutely thrilled to have won the MegaJackpots with Kerching! Sometimes I would see how much the Jackpot was and think, ‘Wow, imagine winning that. Somebody will one day.’ And now that somebody is me. It’s literally a dream come true.”

IGT MegaJackpots

IGT developed the series of MegaJackpot games which all have progressive jackpots, these jackpots are built up by players playing the MegaJackpot games.Whenever a Jackpot is won the game will automatically reset back to £500,000 and start to grow again straightaway. This is the main draw for players, even the resetting of the game after a progressive jackpot is won is a fair amount to start with!All in all we wish Jordan lots of luck in the future.

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