Experian Launch Affordability check Tool With Rank Group

With the rise in the UK of problem and vulnerable gamblers, not only are operators tightening up their compliance to protect ‘Vulnerable Gamblers’, Experian are to introduce the ‘Affordability Check Tool’, thus enabling betting firms to monitor account changes that may result in customer risk.

Disposable Income

The ‘Affordability Check Tool’ becomes valid at the most appropriate point for customers, allowing customers to enable the facility within the ‘open banking’ system, thus allowing opeartors an insight in to a customers disposable income.Rank Group will be the first UK operator to trial the ‘Affordability Check Tool’, set to launch in the coming few weeks.

‘Gamble Within Their Means’

Director of Customer Diligence, Rory Howard said, “ Rang Group welcomes this initiative. It’s a fantastic opportunity for gaming organisations to work collaboratively with an organisation such as Experian, which is licensed to use Open Banking. The automated exchange of data in association with advanced analytics will enable us to help customers gamble within their means”.Towards the end of 2018 we saw High Street Banks including Barclays, Santander and HSBC introducing ‘Gambling Blocks’ across their digital verticals. This giving customers the choice to block payments to certain sites, including gambling, and alcohol related websites.Experian backs it’s new ‘Affordability Check Tool’ , it’s the latest move forward in keeping customers safe from problem gambling, this tool is another step in maintaining gambling responsibility and UK compliance.

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