Hampshire Man Gives Bookies A Run For Their Money

A man from Hampshire has won thousands of pounds against some seriously challenging odds. He was convinced that Leicester City were going to win the Premier League. This was despite the fact that the bookies considered it more likely that the World Cup in 2026 would take place in Antarctica; or that someone would find irrefutable proof of the existence of the Loch Ness monster.

£5 Bet Wagered

Did he put a huge bet on to win all these thousands? He didn’t have to! The Hampshire man wagered a meagre £5 before he scooped his win. That’s less than you spend on getting to and from work every day! The payoff was certainly worth taking a risk, as the fortunate fella won a grand total of £7,500.Hampshire Man Gives Bookies A Run For Their Money

5,000-1 Odds

The odds were 5,000-1 at first, but, in a dramatic twist, they were reduced to 1,500-1 after Leicester won their first game against Sunderland. They beat their rival team with a final score of 4-2. It was in the aftermath of the heady glow of this win that our friend from Hampshire decided to place his winning bet, and what a decision that was!The bookies were cheerfully wringing their hands after hearing of Leicester’s big win, and it has been said that they are set to pay out up to £20 million to those who put their money on the Foxes rising to the top of the Premier League.

Ladbrokes Handing Over £3 Million In Winnings

Jessica Bridge from Ladbrokes commented on the scale of the win: ‘This is the biggest sporting upset since David beat Goliath’. She described those who had bet on Leicester overcoming all the obstacles as ‘brave’, and said that Ladbrokes would be handing over £3 million with ‘a huge smile’. So it just goes to show, if you take a chance and trust your instincts, your bravery could be worth thousands!Hampshire Man Gives Bookies A Run For Their Money

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