Grand National 2018 Breaks Online Betting Records

Multiple betting companies have recorded record breaking online figures following the 2018 Grand National at Aintree, considered to be one of the most exciting Grand National races in years.The race, which took part on April 14th (2018) saw an increase of 60% in online activity year-on-year, according to SafeCharge, who recorded a number of online payments in the run up to the highly anticipated steeplechase event.Grand National 2018 Breaks Online Betting Records

De-facto method

SafeCharge stated that online betting is now the de-facto method for betters, with £200 million being recorded in bets for the 2018 race.GBG, a data analytics firm, agree with the findings, with their records showing that last minute online betting had doubled since 2017, with 32% of bets taking place within the one before the start of the race, up from 18% last year.Pete Murray, Head of Gaming at GBG, expanded on the records:“For betting companies this means their technology infrastructure has had to scale to manage the growing spike in traffic that occurs around marquee sports events, as well as optimise their marketing to reach customers in the short window in which they’re looking to pick their winners.”

Costly victory

It may be excellent news for sports betting companies that there has been such an increase in online betting, but the winner of the race, Tiger Roll, one of the favourites, with three Cheltenham victories under its belt, is expected to have cost many bookmakers dearly.The tense photo finish which ultimately saw Tiger Roll take the victory from Pleasant Company saw millions of people celebrating the victory, which doubled up as their own, while it is expected that the result will have put a dent in the profits of many bookmakers who will be forced to pay out high amounts to those who bet on Tiger Roll at 10-1 .

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