Government Slash Betting Machines Max Bet To £2

The Government has announced plans today to slash FOBT’s maximum bet to just £2, the current level was £100.

Financial Losses To The Industry

Bookmakers will face huge financial losses, with some high street bookmakers having to close shops with thousands of job losses. High street bookmakers claim half their revenue comes from these machines, but Culture Secretary Matt Hancock called these machines, “Social Blight” that prey on the most vulnerable people in society.

Huge Financial Loss

The main aim in slashing the maximum bet is to protect vulnerable people from gambling addictions. The slash in maximum bets will inevitably cause huge financial loss to the industry. The gambling industry were hoping the maximum bet would be reduced to £30 as suggested by the UKGC, Matt Hancock said, ‘When faced with the choice of halfway measures or doing everything we can to protect vulnerable people, we have chosen to take a stand”With all the controversy surrounding gambling addiction of late, the Government have promised to get tough regarding the protection of vulnerable people, they will be launching a multi-million pound campaign to promote responsible behaviour.  

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