Google considers joining the online casino world

If rumours are to be believed, Google may be about to join the online casino world. The world-famous search engine and software developer have allegedly been keeping a keen eye on how the online casino gaming world has been developing and are considering launching their own in-house studio to develop gambling software.

Keen to expand

According to reports, Alphabet’s Google is eager to expand into the world of online casino gaming and video game consoles. While Google’s main priority is to enter the video game console market, where Sony and Microsoft both dominate with their PlayStation and Xbox consoles (sorry, Nintendo, but the Wii-U just doesn’t cut the mustard), the company is also looking at breaking into the online gambling sector.

Gaming portal

Google’s Gaming Studio (as it is currently being mooted) would involve a multi-purpose gaming portal, which would include sports betting, in-play bets, casino games, virtual sports and an open platform which would also incorporate mobile gaming, video game streaming options and console gaming.

Challenges ahead

If it ever comes off the ground, it would certainly be an ambitious project indeed, though Google would have to wade through some somewhat tricky waters before they could accomplish such a task. For starters, the US and Asian gambling markets are far from open, and these would present Google with difficulties. Their primary focus would be the already overcrowded European gambling sector, and that brings up its own challenges, with the likes of the UK’s major sportsbook and Northern Europe’s ever-popular online casinos particularly tough nuts to crack.In the end, Google may find breaking into the video games market considerably more accessible than the online casino gaming one but watch this space. If there is a company out there who would have a realistic shot of making a new online casino gaming enterprise successful, it would be Google.

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