Gold Mega Pays Out $774,758

Party Casino has hit the headlines recently after one lucky winner scooped a life-changing jackpot.

£510,607 jackpot win

Details of the winning player have yet to be announced but it has been confirmed that the jackpot win did take place, making one fortunate player $774,758 (£510,607) richer.The massive windfall occurred on the Gold Mega progressive jackpot late on 9th November. The Gold Mega is the largest progressive jackpot available on Party Casino and it is linked across a number of popular slots on the site. Participating games include Tornadough, Hawaiian Madness, Mega Fortune Wheel and The Sting with each spin on any of these games contributing to the jackpot total.Being a seeded jackpot, Gold Mega will now return to its $500,000 starting point, making a popular draw for players on the casino

Second jackpot pay-out in two weeks

This is the second time in six weeks that the Gold Mega jackpot has paid out. It is, however, usually one of the more active jackpots and is won every eight weeks on average. The largest win in the history of Gold Mega occurred in 2011 with a whopping $1,985,920 jackpot being given away. This recent winner may not have walked away with quite that much cash but we’re sure he or she will not be complaining!   

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