Gambling Logos Prominent on Nearly Half of UK Premier League Kits

The UK Premier League is one of the most popular in the world, with millions of eyes around the world on every televised match.As a result, Premier League football kits are prime real estate for advertisers, and it is gambling advertisers who have taken the most advantage of the situation.Gambling Logos Prominent on Nearly Half of UK Premier League Kits

Gambling Logos on Kits

There are currently nine clubs in the Premier League, out of a total 20, that bear the logo of a gambling operator as the centrepiece of their tops.It is quite interesting to note that none of these clubs will show the logo of a UK facing gambling brand.This is a huge rise from just a few years ago, but nothing compared to the next league down in the UK, the Championship, which sees over 70% of teams, 17 out of 24, having a gambling operator as their kit sponsor.


Football clubs generate a huge amount of their income from sponsorships in general, with the logo on the kit obviously being the most lucrative.Last season, the UK Premier League generated well over $350 million from shirt sponsorship alone, with over $60 million coming from the gambling world, something that is likely to increase substantially this year.


There is a growing concern relating to gambling advertising, and particularly on the plausible effect such adverts can have on the young.Professor Jim Orford, of Gambling Watch UK, spoke on the issue, saying:“There is evidence that gambling is becoming ever more normalized, particularly among young people, so that increasingly betting is seen as part and parcel of following and supporting one’s favourite sport or team.”With research showing that the Match of the Day football highlight problem can show gambling logos up to almost 90% of the time, there is concern hat gambling advertising in football is getting out of control.

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