Gambling Associations Merge To Form A Stand Against Changes In Gambling Laws

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) who represent online betting operators and The Association Of British Bookmakers (ABB) are reportedly merging in a fight against politicians ruling stricter gambling laws in the UK.A job for a CEO has been posted on the Ellwood Atfield job website stating the organisations are merging to form ‘ NEWCO’.


NEWCO is to replace the RGA and ABB, to form an alliance to represent the gambling industry. The Guardian reported that a source stated, “ All of the issues on responsible gambling and tax cuts across the industry, so it’s time to get lined up a bit better.”Gambling operators in the UK have been hit over and over with new regulations and restrictions making it near on impossible to operate in an orderly fashion, throwing the industry in to total chaos.NEWCO are looking to recruit a CEO to lead the new association, having a background of successfully influencing the political and lobbying process in Parliament, Whitehall and Brussels, fully representing the Gambling industry.


The ABB lobbied against the decision to slash FOBT’s from £100 down to just £2, which will come into force on the 1st April, government officials labeled the machines as ‘social blight’.The ABB came under heavy criticism over the handling of the FOBT’s law change, with campaigner’s stating the ABB had a lack of understanding that there was a problem, leading policy makers to come to the decision to slash bets dramatically with no compromise.NEWCO will become the biggest organisation to represent the Gambling industry to date. The CEO will be confident in fighting for the rights for Gambling operators moving forward, protecting the industry and dealing with the Media on political topics of extreme sensitivity.  

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