Five Celeb Gamblers You Maybe Didn’t Know

News of problem gambling is reported almost on a daily basis, the general public chasing losses and racking up huge debt they can ill afford to fund their gambling addiction. We don’t normally associate problem gambling with celebrities, athletes and award winning actors who earn millions of pounds a year.You may be surprised to read there are more celebs than you think who gamble on a regular basis, with some racking up huge debts themselves after becoming addicted to gambling. Read on to see who has become a victim of the demon gambling addiction.

Ben Affleck-Actor

It’s no secret award winning actor Ben Affleck is a huge fan of poker and blackjack after winning the Californian Poker Championship in 2004. Rumour surfaced he had in fact lost millions of dollars playing high stake poker games, he checked himself in to rehab in 2001 for his gambling addiction.

Charles Barkley-NBA Champion

Famous NBA player and Sports Analyst Charles Barkley, reportedly lost $10m with an estimated $2.5m lost playing one single game of blackjack! In 2008 he made the decision not to play anymore after a casino sued him for $400.00 for funds owed. He didn’t admit to having a gambling problem, saying he had the funds to gamble so wasn’t borrowing to fund his habit. He later admitted it was something he now had under control, as it’s not a good thing being broke after all these years.

Gladys Knight-Soul Singer

Soul Singing diva, Gladys Knight wrote her biography and spoke candidly about her ten-year addiction to gambling, playing Baccarat and sports betting. Gladys who shied away from alcohol and drugs found solace in gambling, she said she had lost $4,000 in one night in the late 80’s. After the reality of what she had done hit home she sought help from Gamblers Anonymous where Gladys finally brought her addiction to an end.

Tiger Woods- Championship Golfer

One of the biggest golf players of all time, Tiger Woods is a self confessed gambler and reportedly lost $250,000 in Las Vegas. He is known for playing blackjack and regularly played a hand for $25,000. His addiction became public knowledge when he became friends with Charles Barkley.

Toby Mcguire-Actor

Toby Mcguire became famous playing Spiderman in the hit movie, but he is also a well-known poker addict. He learnt his poker playing skills from Daniel Negreanu, a Canadian professional poker player. He was linked to an illegal gambling ring and was sued for his part. He won the World Series of Poker, and up until recently was believed to have won more than $10m from playing poker. Close friends have shown concern for his addictive behaviour after he was admitted to AA for an alcohol addiction at the tender age of 19.Its safe to say, nobody is exempt from a gambling addiction, whether you are a seasoned gambler or like a flutter now and again. If you, or someone you know has a gambling related problem, contact WWW.BEGAMBLEAWARE.ORG

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