Endorphina keeps us informed about Maoris fate

A few weeks ago, we reported that Endorphina were set to cancel their Maori slot, despite a successful launch for the game. The trouble came after various groups in New Zealand complained, citing that the slot was offensive Maoris, and that it encouraged the tribes to gamble. Now, Endorphina has released an official statement on the cancellation of what was rapidly gathering attention as one of their best slot machine games.

Removed From Online Casinos

The Czech online casino software provider has come out and said that the slot will now be removed from online casinos following pressure and disapproval of groups of people in New Zealand. The announcement confirms what we all suspected and feared would be the case.

Deemed Offensive

The game launched at the end of 2016, and was one of their most visually beautiful slot machine games, yet. It contained cracking gameplay, and was designed to respect the Maori people, and portray them in a very positive light. Whilst the game should have shone a light on the Maori and showcased them to the world, the slot has since been turned into a symbol of stereotyping and offensiveness by various groups in New Zealand, which was exactly the opposite of what Endorphina intended when they released the game.maori1

Proved a Hit

Endorphina has pulled the game from online casinos, even though most players in the online casino world warmly received the game. As it turns out, the New Zealanders complaining about the game are perhaps not as open-minded as the developers of the slot.

Slot Rebranded

The game is going to live on though. Given the popularity of the game, Endorphina will simply remove all mention of and imagery concerning Maoris, with the slot rebranded with another theme. If you loved the slot, you will still be able to enjoy it eventually, then albeit with a wholly new theme. It is a sad end to a slot machine which many are calling Endorphina’s most popular game yet.

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