Cozy Games Sites Now Accept BOKU

Making a deposit on your account couldn’t be easier thanks to a new payment method that’s now live at all Cozy Games bingo and casino sites. If you’ve never heard of Boku before, then here’s the lowdown.Boku is the fastest, easiest and one of the safest payment methods available and just one tap of your mobile phone will credit your account. Instead of making a deposit by providing your card, paypal or bank details, you just use your mobile phone number and the payment is added to your mobile phone bill at the end of the month. No forms, no cards, no personal information required, it all takes place with one tap.

How do I pay using Boku?

When you want to make a deposit, choose the ‘pay by mobile’ option and follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll be directed to the Boku screen and asked to enter your mobile phone number. You’ll be sent a text asking you to confirm you want to make the payment and if you do, just reply ‘Y’. (It’s a free text, don’t worry!) The transaction will be process and the amount added to your monthly phone bill. You’ll be sent texts to remind you how much you’ve spent and there are deposit limits of £30 per day (or £30 per month for O2 customers) to ensure players gamble responsibly and stay within their limits.

Why players love Boku

Obviously the ease and speed of Boku is appealing to players. It can be really frustrating having to fill in long online forms or enter card or bank details, but Boku just requires your mobile phone number. Secondly, because no card details or personal information needs to be provided, it is a much safer way to pay and cuts out any risk of online credit fraud, so any players that are hesitant to provide such information can feel secure when depositing to their account.Because a mobile number is all that is required, players can make a deposit anywhere without having to have any form of payment on them, enabling them to credit their account and continue playing as soon as possible.Lastly, you can pay with Boku whether you’re playing on a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or desktop PC.Cozy Games Sites Now Accept BOKU

Is Boku suitable for everyone?

In a nutshell, no, not every player will prefer to use Boku, for a few different reasons. Firstly, the deposit limits will mean anyone wanting to wager large amounts or regular high rollers won’t be able to use it. Secondly, if you’re a player that wants to only deposit smaller amounts, then the minimum amount is £10 so those £5 wagers are out of the question.Another factor to consider is that you won’t be able to claim any deposit bonuses when you pay with Boku. This is because of the way the revenue is shared between the site and the mobile phone operator, so money-savvy players will want to choose their payment method wisely in order to make the most of their deposits. The good news is that Boku are competing with the likes of Paypal, so are currently reviewing this and hope to be able to pass on bonuses to players in the future.Although Boku has paired up with the majority of UK mobile network providers, if you reach your credit limit, there is a network outage or your contract doesn’t allow, then you won’t be able to use Boku and so will be reverting to other payment methods.

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