ComeOn To Leave UK Market For ‘More Favourable’ Jurisdictions

Cherry AB owned operator ComeOn have announced they are to leave the UK market as holding a UK license has “ Lost its symbolic value”.Gaining a UK license back in 2014, ComeOn have made the decision to leave behind the UK market due to strict regulations in this highly competitive market. Brands to close UK traffic are, and, they will be focusing their attention on Denmark, Malta, Poland, Germany and Sweden.

UK License Has Lost It’s Symbolic Value

ComeOn’s Chief Executive Lahcene Merzoug said,“ We have never had a non-compliance breach, but we’ve seen competitors being fined big numbers and that creates uncertainty.“ At the same time the UK license has ‘lost it’s symbolic value’. Before, you almost had to have one to be looked upon as a credible company. Today we hold licenses in many European countries and given that the UK has never been a big market for us, it’s a wise move to put our focus elsewhere.”

Further Expansion in European Markets

The latest announcement from ComeOn is hot on the heels of JPL group who announced last month they are to pull out of the UK on 3rd September 2019 (tomorrow), but stopped accepting UK registrations on the 5th August 2019.Earlier on this year the brand have been placing further focus on European markets, gaining a Danish License in July 2019, and a Finnish License for its Galakasino brand.

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