Bookies Prepare For Love Island Traffic

It’s going to be an eventful summer for bookmakers with the eagerly anticipated World Cup in Russia being just around the corner, but for many in the UK, football takes a backseat to the most exciting event of the summer, the new season of ITV2’s Love Island.So, if you’re a fan of betting and Love Island, who are the bookies favourites to take the grand prize this year? It’s hard to know, but that hasn’t stopped people betting, with Paddy Power reporting a 90% rise in pre-event wagers on last year already.Bookies Prepare For Love Island Traffic

Who is in?

The Islanders are unknown entities at this point, although Danny Dyer’s daughter, who is rather wonderfully (or awfully, depending on your opinion) called Dani Dyer.Dyer appears to be the front runner for many so far, early clips have seen her resonate with viewers with the cheeky charm that helped make her father famous.

What’s necessary?

Historically, viewers aren’t as locked into romance as one may expect, instead, the popular contestants tend to be those that keep things interesting by partnering up with a few different people and creating tensions and excitement that the viewers enjoy.It’s hard to know what makes a Love Island winner, perhaps even harder than the likes of I’m a Celebrity due to the unique nature of the show.Is the winner going to be somebody who turns up on the island looking for a lifemate, or someone who is just out to have some fun?History would dictate that the latter is the more likely, and as we get to know more about the contestants, a clear frontrunner may well stand out, but for now, most eyes are on Dani Dyer, and all eyes are on the season premier of the intensely popular show!

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