BGaming Promises Apple Bobbing Fun and Big Wins with New Scratch Card Trio Capymania

BGaming, a leading software provider in the iGaming industry, recently expanded its collection of instant online games with the release of Capymania, an engaging trio of scratch card games. This latest series invites you on an apple-bobbing adventure with a friendly Capybara, offering the chance to win big even on a smaller budget.Capymania features a laid-back Capybara character who leisurely floats down the river, engaging in various activities like sipping drinks, basking in the sun, or swimming with a rubber duck. This chilled-out theme is refreshing for fast-paced scratch card gameplay. You begin by purchasing a card and then scratching off to reveal nine numbers to match three values to secure a win.The games consist of three levels, each represented by a different colour. The Orange game, the lower-level option, has cards priced at €0.10, with a top prize of €10,000. The Green game, the mid-level option, cards cost €1, with a top prize of €100,000. The Yellow game, with cards costing €2.50 each, offers a grand prize of €250,000.Capymania includes features like autoplay, where you can set several rounds to play automatically, and turbo mode, which accelerates the game by skipping the scratch action and directly revealing final values. Combined with loss and win limits, these features ensure a balanced gaming experience that blends affordability with the thrill of winning.

High Volatility and RTP

The Capymania series boasts high volatility and an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%. With a potential maximum win of up to 100,000, depending on the investment level, the games will appeal to a wide range of players. The fun-loving Capybara character, cartoon-style graphics, and playful soundtrack add to the charm of this series of scratch cards, showcasing BGaming’s expertise in creating fun and enjoyable games.Mikalai Dzneladze, Chief Casual Game Producer at BGaming said, “Capymania builds on the success of other previous scratch games and offers a player experience that is simple, yet rewarding. Even though the cards are simple, players can choose to amplify their experience across the three varied cards, and turbo mode sees the game speed up – unlike our lazy capybara. Scratch games have proven to be a huge hit, and we look forward to the charismatic capybara delighting of customers’ players.”

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