Betway introduces hilarious new TV advert

Betway Casino has just introduced a new television advertisement, which has sporting fanaticism as its theme. The advert is a witty view of the inner workings of those who are truly obsessed with sport and everything about it.

The Ad

The new Betway Casino advert opens with dramatic, movie action style music. We can see two men looking like they have been the mill in more ways than one, floating in a dinghy in the middle of a vast ocean. One of the men looks bleakly out to sea, and says ‘It’s all over’, as his companion stares at his phone before saying ‘For United maybe, City are ripping them apart!’ He says this with a serious amount of glee.Sharks then start to circle the dinghy, as the first man exclaims and starts to panic. Meanwhile, his friend continues to look at his phone in a very nonchalant manner and says ‘Yees, 24/7 football, always a game to bet on’. The man who is panicking says ‘I can’t see them’, and the other character responds by showing his phone with the Betway football betting screen, casually saying ‘oh, City have scored again’.Meanwhile, the other guy is flailing about, appearing to be terrified as the sharks continue to circle. ‘I didn’t know you were a City fan’, says the laidback guy. The Betway name then appears on screen, and the advert concludes with ‘For the love of the game,’. The relaxed character is so engrossed in the mobile betting sports action on his phone that he doesn’t even notice the fact that they are stranded and being attacked by sharks.Betway features a range of ways to enjoy a little online flutter. The sportsbook caters for all your sports betting needs, and the online casino is your opportunity to sample the Vegas vibe wherever you are. Why not have a go?!Betway introduces hilarious new TV advert

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