Betfred Secures New Sponsorship Deal With British Masters Golf

Betfred, one of the UK’s largest gambling operators have secured a two year sponsorship deal with the ‘British Masters Golf Tournament’, making this the seventh sponsorship deal Betfred have in the sporting world.

Seventh Sporting Sponsorship Deal

Betfred are no stranger to sports sponsorship, currently sponsoring the Scottish League Cup, the Rugby Super League, Championship and League One, World Snooker and Darts Championships, with Golf sponsorship being a first.Hopefully after the two-year deal there maybe a future extension for Betfred.

Integrity Program

The PGA Tour launched their Integrity program last year, Betfred will have to adhere to the program. The Integrity unit has been designed to keep Golf a ‘Clean’ sport in today’s sports betting market. Betfred are also members of The European Sport Security Association, representing some of the worlds largest regulated gambling operators, members share information as to unscrupulous betting etc, helping to keep the integrity of companies safe.Fred Done, Founder of Betfred had already spoken of a potential Golf sponsorship after dropping its horse racing sponsorship deals and moving towards other sporting fields.Fred Done spoke of the new sponsorship deal,“ I’ve been looking at golf sponsorship for some time so when the British Masters, with Tommy Fleetwood hosting in the North West of England, was put to me it seemed perfect opportunity to get involved. I am absolutely delighted to see Betfred brand alongside such a high profile event in the sport of golf.” 

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