Bet365 set to be the first to market with new native Playtech app

When it comes to gambling, mobile play is what is driving the industry forward in 2016, What was once nothing more than a pipedream has become a fully-fledged reality, as casino brands have adopted portable gambling in practically all forms. Now representing second nature within the industry, it appears that Bet365 are moving quickly to launch a new native mobile casino application from Playtech. Stating that it loads “three times faster than HTML5 equivalents”, the arrival of this new mobile offering has certainly been hotly anticipated, with iOS and Android users set to receive first dibs.

Increased Game Choice

Looking at what is making the introduction of this upgraded Bet365 app so special, aside from the speed improvements mentioned above, it seems that increased game choice has piqued the interest of players. Through the offering that Playtech (via Bet365) are bringing to market, players will be granted access to over 100 native games, including all of the latest slots releases, along with the casino classics of old.playtech

Improved Gaming Experience

Speaking on the arrival of the upgraded Bet365, Christian Bogstrand (Bet365 Chief Executive) said, “We have worked closely with Playtech on the development of the new native casino app, ensuring we provide high quality content with a much faster and improved gaming experience.” Shimon Akad (Playtech Chief Operating Officer) also issued an official statement on what the new Playtech app will mean for mobile gaming moving forward, “Research, including a recent Nielsen report, suggests that 89% (vs. c.11% browser) of time on mobile is spent in-app, supporting the theory that native apps are what players want to use when gaming. Playtech has invested significantly in native technologies, backing up our strategy to provide the best solutions for our partners and their players. The instant and sticky native play functionality and new features will ensure our licensees can drive player values and make our new app the best on the market today.”

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