Bet365 customer publicises refusal to transfer funds

A Bet365 customer has gone to the media as a result of serious difficulties involving thousands of pounds. The lady in question has said that the betting provider has made it impossible for her to withdraw her winnings, and use them to credit her bank account.This Tuesday, the customer had her story published in The Guardian. The national newspaper did not reveal the woman’s name, but reported that she was having problems getting Bet365 to transfer the cash that she had legitimately won via their betting site. The lady has said that her increasing frustration from a lack of action by Bet365 has led her to seriously consider taking legal action.

New Customer

The woman decided to give online wagering a go with Bet365 only a couple of months ago. She set up her new account on 16th April. On 17th April, keen to start enjoying the full range of Bet365’s sports betting and online casino services, the new player put a total of £30,000 into her new account.She started with a series of bets on horse races, which did not prove to be lucrative. In fact, the lady made a loss of £23,000. She then received communication from Bet365 to explain that the maximum she could wager had now been increased. This would allow her to deposit more cash and to continue placing bets.Bet365 customer publicises refusal to transfer funds

‘Trading Decision’

On 17th April, the Bet365 customer started her ascent to the top, and managed to increase the £7K in her account to £54K, in a series of spectacularly successful wins. Unfortunately, it was at this point that Bet365 decided to inform her that they had made a ‘trading decision’ that she couldn’t bet any more than £1 on racing. It was still possible, however, for the lady to wager as much as she wanted to on Bet365 casino games.Unhappy with the series of events, the woman decided to cash out and have her balance transferred into her bank account. Bet365 have so far failed to pay the money out, and several rounds of emails later – the lady is at the end of her tether, despite submitting bank statements and verifying her identity and source of income. The outcome of a potential legal wrangle remains to be seen.Bet365 customer publicises refusal to transfer funds

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