ASA Dismisses Complaints Against Two LeoVegas Subsidiaries

Two subsidiaries of the popular casino operator LeoVegas have come under scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), but unlike many recent cases, the complaints against the company were dismissed.

The table game focused casino site had released an advert that was suggested to have “portrayed gambling in a context of toughness” as it showed a man in a suit playing blackjack, wile a heartbeat and a voiceover played over the scene.LeoVegas argued that the advert itself had been “produced to address the concerns raised in a previous upheld ruling on the same issue” and that certain aspects that came under scrutiny had been removed.The ASA dismissed the complaint, saying the was no suggestion of physical or mental toughness in the advert, and that it “did not breach the code”.


The complaint against 32Red focused on an advert for the Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway slot game.The complainant suggested that linking a gambling title to the popular television show, both in name and with the use of the two presenters’ voices in the voiceover, could be considered as appealing specifically to under 18s.32Red argued that the show has a wide age range in terms of viewership, and that the show, and the presenters themselves, were not in any way associated with the concepts of “youth culture”.Clearcast, which signs off on the majority of UK television advertising, cleared the advert, and the ASA have, again, dismissed the complaint.It’s a difficult situation for the ASA, because while there is a possibility that some complainants are being a little overzealous, it is also vital to keep tabs on the advertising from gambling companies, especially as the focus shifts more towards ethical practice and the protection of vulnerable and underage gamblers. 

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