Are Playtech about to snap up Amaya Gaming?

It would be a major coup if they could pull it off, but rumours are rife that Playtech may be about to acquire Amaya Gaming in the immediate future. According to various news outlets, the current CEO of Playtech, Mor Weizer, has made the acquisition of Amaya his number one priority

Hope for Takeover

At present, Amaya Gaming is estimated to be worth around about €3 billion. That is a massive amount of money for any business to fork out, even Playtech. David Baazkov is also interested in snapping up the company. At present, he is the CEO of Amaya, and it is thought that he would need to find a number of investors to join forces with him, if he wished to acquire the brand. Amaya itself is a huge company, having bought out leading online poker domain, PokerStars, as recently as 2014.amaya

Other Interests

Playtech haven’t been idle in the online gambling market, and have snapped up other investments of late, although they are still lacking that really big fish. A successful move for Amaya would certainly be considered that. At present, Playtech is also rumoured to be interested in snapping up OpenBet, who are another fairly large gaming network. They aren’t the only interested party in that deal though.

Shares rise

Speaking on the matter, Playtech’s CEO stated that acquisitions are normal for business in the gambling world, and that understandably Playtech has an interest in the deal. After the news broke of Playtech’s rumoured interest, the shares of the company rose 4%. This is huge news for a company that may be about to snap up another in one of the biggest gambling buy-outs in recent years.

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