Online Scratchcards

There are probably very few of us who haven’t played a scratchcard at some point in their life, the simplicity and instant win nature of the game type makes it tempting for those looking for a quick adrenaline burst for a low price, and maybe a cash prize thrown in for good measure.The bold, colourful look of the average scratchcard is immediately eye-catching, and has made many a person to make a snap decision at the counter in their local newsagent.However, scratchcards always had their downsides, not least the fact that there were a limited number of top prizes to be won, and scratchcards were still available after they had all been snapped up.The world changed for scratchcard fans when the online casino world came into being in the mid-1990s, it didn’t take long from then until scratchcards became a part of the online industry.

About Online Scratchcards

Despite their long-term popularity, scratchcards can often feel like a forgotten commodity in the online casino world, with far fewer options available at far fewer casinos than for lovers of slots or table games.However, everything is relative, and there’s still a high number of scratchcards available online, and unlike their land-based siblings, the jackpots never run out!Scratchcards in the online world are a different kettle of fish, with animations and graphics that bring the game to life and create an immediately immersive instant win experience.However, it is the immediacy of the form that makes it so popular with so many players. Simply pick your chosen scratchcard, for a price you can afford, and press ‘scratch’, that’s all there is to it, you know in seconds if you’ve picked yourself up a prize.Another perk of online scratchcards is the ability to play for free before playing for money, which is a service offered by various online casino sites.These gives you the opportunity to get to know scratchcards as a whole, and specific games, before you start playing.

What to Watch Out For

When it comes to finding the right scratchcards to play, and the right site to play the on, much of it depends on personal preference.With both the site and the games, be sure to put research into licensing, fairness, return-to-player (RTP) of the scratchcards, etc.When it comes to picking the perfect scratchcard for you, start with the theme. Many scratchcards are based on popular table and slot games, and in many cases act as mini games in their own right, with additional fun to be had.Other scratchcards are more to the point, with less bells and whistles and a ‘scratch all’ button for those who like to get it over with quickly.You will also want an Autoplay feature for times when you need to limit your play.Scratchcards have, on average, a poor RTP in relation to other game types, but there is also a great deal of variety within the house edge offered by scratchcards themselves.If you are playing to win, then, as small a difference as it makes, it’s worth keeping your eye out for the scratchcards with the highest RTP.The range of scratchcards available means that if this is your chosen game type, choosing one to play can feel like a tough choice, but as long as you check out the RTP, and find a theme that appeals to you, then only spend what you can afford to lose, you’ll be good.Scratchcards may not be the most Hollywood of the online casino games, but for instant win fans, there’s no better choice.

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