How To Play Online Roulette

Roulette is a classic casino game that’s now a staple of online casinos. It’s one of the oldest gambling games still played today and has remained pretty much unchanged throughout its history. The great thing about this game is that it’s really easy to learn how to play it; it’s also really easy to play and is fun, exciting and thrilling.

The Game

This game is centred on the roulette wheel, which should be familiar to you even if you’ve never set foot in a casino before. The wheel usually has 37 or 38 numbered slots; European roulette wheels have 36 plus one left over, which is numbered ‘zero’, while American ones have 36 numbered slots, with two left over: a ‘zero’ and a ‘double zero’. There are other differences between American and European roulette, such as the house edge, though overall, gameplay is essentially the same.


Get your roulette chips ready and place your bet. You can choose to make a single bet, or multiple bets. Once the croupier, who is essentially the dealer, shouts ‘no more bets’, the game’s about to begin and no more bets are allowed. If you bet on just one number, it’s a straight-up bet and the pay-out is 35:1 in European roulette; bet on two numbers, a split bet, and the pay-out is 17:1A street bet is where you bet on three numbers and offers an 11:1 pay-out. A corner bet is a four number bet and offers a pay-out of 8:1, while a six number bet offers a 5:1 pay-out. All of these are known as inside bets. Outside bets are ones that are placed on groups of numbers and different combinations; you can bet on what colour the ball will land in (red or black), whether the number is high or low, or whether the number is odd or even.

Game Of Chance

The outcome of this game depends on where the ball lands on the wheel. Usually if it lands in the zero hole, you’ll lose. However, there’s the ‘En Prison’ rule which lets you claim back half your bet or keep it wagered in if the ball lands in the zero hole. There’s also the ‘La Partage’ rule, where you lose just half your bet, but can’t choose to keep it wagered in. If either one of these rules is in play, the house edge is cut down, giving you a better chance of winning. These rules aren’t always in play, so if the ball lands in zero, you should expect to lose.There are lots of different types of roulette available in online casinos. Remember that while it’s a very fun game to play, it’s a game of chance and the odds aren’t in your favour, especially if you place a bet with high pay-out stakes. If you keep your bets simple, for example if you bet on a red hole or on an even number, you stand a better chance of being successful. 

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