Types Of Bets

When you decide to dabble in playing online casino games, you might be utterly confused about the different types of bets you can make and which bets to choose. Fortunately, you’re in the right place, as this brief guide will explain what the different types of bets mean and how they can influence how much money you might actually win.

Single bets

Bet a single and you are effectively betting on a single selection in a single event. In order to net yourself a win, you must choose a successful selection, which can be easier said than done!

Double bets

As the name suggests, a double bet involves making two selections from two different events. As with a single bet, in order to get a win, both of the two selections must be the right ones.

Treble bets

Now it’s getting more complex! A treble bet involves making three different selections from different events. All three of these selections must be successful in order for the player to win.


You may have heard of the term patents. Patents comprise of seven bets made from three different selections, all from a different event. There are three single, three double and a treble bets for each selection. In order to win, just one selection needs to be the right one.


Accumulators refer to players making a single bet with a total of four or sometimes even more selections. Each of these selections comes from a different event. In order to bag a win, all of the selections must be the right one.


11 bets over four selections from a different event is the crux of a Yankee bet. In order to win, at least two of six doubles, an accumulator and four trebles must have been successful.There are also other bets you can chose from, including Lucky 15, Trixie, Straight Forecast – SFC and Straight Tricasts, the choice is yours.

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