How Does Depositing By SMS OR Phone Bill Work?

Modern mobile phones offer a great range of functions, providing much more than the facility to make calls or receive texts. But as well as playing casino games and listening to music, you can also deposit money in your account, just using your phone. Just like with mobile gaming, you can opt to use your phone bill to make payment so you don’t ever have to link your account details to an online app. It also means you don’t have to fill in your details every time you want to make a deposit.

How it works

As well as being able to play casino games online while you’re on the go, you can deposit money into your account using your phone bill. It’s an extremely simple process; simply send an SMS/text to make your deposit and wait for a confirmation reply by SMS/text. For individuals who are on a monthly contract, the deposit will appear on their bill; pay as you go customers will use their available credit to make the payment.

The process

Opting to use your phone bill to pay for online casino deposits couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is log onto your account at your chosen online casino and go to the “deposit” area (it may also be headed “cashier”). Follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be able to make an immediate deposit. SMS confirmation should be with you in a matter of minutes so you know your credit was successful.

Take care

If you’re using a monthly contract phone, keep a tally of how much you’re spending because the process is so easy the total could quickly spiral if you don’t keep track.For pay as you go users, make sure you have enough credit before trying to make a deposit. Some casinos will put a black mark against your name if you attempt to make a deposit but don’t have sufficient funds.If you’re concerned about overspending, some mobile phone companies can put a limit on your account. Talk to your provider to see if they offer the service.  

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