Will Luke Skywalker Visit A Casino During The New Star Wars Film?

What can be said about the new Star Wars film that hasn’t been said already? In what made for the biggest film release of 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens breathed fresh life into the age-old franchise. Given the film’s success and how it managed to draw brand new eyes to the product, it is only right that a sequel is now in the works. For those who love a flutter, it looks like a sneak peak has given us a clue that Luke Skywalker enjoys doing the very same.

Luke In A Casino

In at least one scene in the upcoming, yet still untitled, Star Wars sequel will see Luke Skywalker step foot into a gambling den. Taking the form of a space age casino, Skywalker is by the looks of things on the hunt for an unnamed character judging by the still images released. To most the casino appearance doesn’t seem like much, but hardcore fans of the film series are viewing this upcoming gambling scene very differently. This is because since Star Wars: A New Hope, fans have been crying out for a setting that replicates a new version of the iconic cantina, with this casino scene they may very well have it.Will Luke Skywalker Visit A Casino During The New Star Wars Film?

Maybe Another Star Wars Slot In The Making!

While it may not seem like the natural habitat of a clean-cut film icon like Luke Skywalker, but this is not the first time that casino gaming and Star Wars have been linked. This is because in years gone by both land-based and online-based slot games have carried the Star Wars theme. Who knows, if the new casino scene in the next Star Wars film proves to be a hit, we could very well have another big Star Wars slot game release on the way! 

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