Videoslots Create Innovative Pool Play Feature

Leading online casino Videoslots are to introduce a new, innovative feature that will change the way you win jackpots. Pool Play brings together communities of players looking to find the next big jackpot win in a combined effort.

About Pool Play

Essentially, players team up to look for the biggest jackpots and wins. The innovative feature is similar to Microgaming and NetEnts jackpot networks.The similarity stops there however as players get the choice to buy-in to the feature for minimum and the maximum amount to create a combined balance. Winnings are then divided up by the team, creating a social element to the new feature.Players also have to option to leave and cash out their winnings as they wish, so are not committed once they’ve bought in. The new feature goes live in May and will be added to Videoslots ‘Battle of Slots’.The Pool Play team will come together to try their luck on popular Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune slots, these are the initial two games available, but it’s likely more will be added at a later date.A Communication feature will be introduced where players can interact with each other and share strategies and keep in touch and up to date with each other.

Full Transparency

Each player will have full transparency where everyone is able to view who is involved in the team. A leaderboard displays each player’s win, share %, player contributions, and buy-in and cash-out buttons visible.Videoslots Chief Marketing Officer, Ali Atam said, “ Pool Play is set to take Battle of Slots to the next level by introducing a social game network that allows players to interact and support each other.“They get to play their preferred game in the knowledge that by doing so they are contributing to Pool balance that benefits everyone. They will now be hunting for the big jackpots together.”Pool Play is a unique concept in the world of online casinos, players get to communicate and have full visibility of other team members as they come together collectively on the hunt for the next big jackpot wins.

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