Videoslots Changes The Game With Personal RTP Tool

The RTP of an online casino game is often the most important factor in a player’s decision to part with their hard-earned money.RTP stands for return-to-play and is the opposite of house edge, making it the likelihood a player will win. If a game has an RTP of 98%, the player would, on average, win 98p for every £1 wagered.Obviously, this is an average and is no guarantee, but it’s still a useful tool, and one that Videoslots has taken to a whole new level with their latest tool.My RTP is an entirely new concept, never seen before at any other casino, and it allows you to see your personal RTP on every game you have played.Videoslots Changes The Game With Personal RTP Tool

Does it help?

Honestly, due to the random nature of the majority of casino games, the tool will not be particularly helpful when it comes to increasing your chances of winning, but it will let you know how your luck has gone, and give some perspective on your wins and losses.It will also tell you how many spins you play per session, helping players keep in control of their gambling.The addition was made after interest from players, as VideoSlots CEO, Alexander Stevendahl, explained:“We pay a lot of attention to player feedback at VideoSlots, and My RTP fills a genuine gap in the market for a complete statistics package for online slot players.”


This isn’t the first time VideoSlots have been ahead of the pack when it comes to RTP, they were also one of the first sites to offer RTP for games at specific times as well as the lifetime RTP of a game.It’s no surprise to see the site leading the industry again, and we can expect more personalised RTP tools at other sites in the near future.

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