UKGC Warns Public of Lottery Scams Over The Festive Period

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) have voiced concerns over potential lottery scams deliberately targeting the public over the festive period.Reports of scams where customers had been requested to send money abroad or use premium phone numbers are on the rise so what do customers need to be aware of with lotteries?

What To Be Aware Of

Customers are being warned not to get involved if they receive emails or social media ads offering lottery without thoroughly checking their credibility. Currently, the UKGC advertising code prohibits companies from using catchphrases like “Winning will change your life”, or any text which encourages customers to play in order to solve any financial difficulties.If you receive a message stating you have won a prize or a sweepstake on a lottery site and you have not entered, it’s likely these claims to be fraudulent. It’s also worth remembering these scammers are not only after the money they often want to steal identities, do not give out personal details, passport information, phone numbers, or addresses if requested, and report it immediately.The advice from the UKGC states if a customer is approached via social media, email, or direct messaged by lottery companies, NOT to click on promotional links associated and to fully research the lottery’s credentials before participating.Any reputable lottery company advertising on Facebook must have a verified page. A fully licensed gambling operator is not permitted to send promotional material via a personal email.It’s also worth checking the license of the company that is promoting festive lotteries and make sure they have a UK Gambling Commission license or a local authority license. Check the company’s terms and conditions thoroughly as this can throw up a red flag if they seem inconsistent.

What Can I Do?

If you see an advertisement for a lottery claiming to be raising funds for charity, always check with the charity to make sure it is authorised and legitimate.If you receive any lottery ads whether it be emailed, on social media, or through a direct message and you feel it may be a scam, please contact

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