UKGC Suggests £30 or Less Limit on FOBTs

The question of the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) has been a huge talking point as of late, as many were expecting the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to suggest cutting the maximum stake way down to £2 on machines.The current maximum allows players to bet up to £100 every 20 seconds on electronic casino games, and while the £2 maximum many in the industry feared is not expected to be suggested, the UKGC are recommending limits of £30 or less.

Slot games to £2

The maximum stake on slot machines and fruit machines is suggested to be taken down to the £2 maximum, and it’s possible that general FOBTs will go down to a similar maximum, as UKGC Executive Director, Tim Miller, explains:”If the government want to go lower than a £30 maximum stake, that will be perfectly consistent with our advice as we are recommending a maximum stake of £30 or less.”Miller added:”We could have advised a maximum £2 stake but the evidence did not point to that and show a clear figure.”

The report

The UKGC, as the government’s statutory adviser on the gambling industry, produced a report that as well as suggested reduced limits for FOBTs, also called for machines to be stopped from enabling different game categories in a single playing session.The report also suggests that there is a case to state that tracked play must be enforced on certain machines, and setting time and money limits on machines to ensure that the regulation changes are upheld.While many in the industry claim this will be a deathblow to land-based betting shops, Miller explains:”Our focus is on protecting vulnerable people from harm. We have no duties to consider the economic wellbeing of the industry.”

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