UK Gambling Commission’s Chief Executive Neil McArthur Visit’s DrugFAM

Neil McArthur, Chief Executive of the UK Gambling Commission has visited Buckinghamshire based addiction charity DrugFAM.


Founded in 2006 by Elizabeth Burton-Phillips MBE, the charity initially received funding through the National Lottery Community Fund. Working alongside schools, prisons, rehab units and communities across the UK spreading awareness of the impact drug misuse can have on families and the public.Neil McArthur said, “ It’s important in our role as the gambling regulator to ensure funds continue to be distributed to charities like DrudFAM.“ Funding for good causes through the National Lottery will remain a priority for us as we look to the future, including how technology and innovation can ensure that the success of the National Lottery continues in the years ahead.”

Addiction Help

Drug FAM have used years of experience to help people and their families with drug, alcohol and gambling related addictions. They continue to support families making them aware they are at the right place with the right people on hand to help all year round.On the 25th Birthday of the National Lottery, founder, Elizabeth Burton-Phillips MBE received a Special Recognition award for her commitment to the charity.The Gambling Commission regulates the National Lottery, in doing so they make sure players are treated fairly, the UK interest in the Lottery is protected and player enjoyment and benefit is maximised to full potential.Over 40 billion has been raised for good causes since the National Lottery launched in 1994. These include arts and heritage, sports, communities, health, education and environmental schemes.

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