UK Gambling Commission Lifts Genesis Global Licence Suspension

Back in July, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) suspended Genesis Global’s UK operating licence while it reviewed its operations. While Genesis were forced to cease its UK market operations, Genesis responded by citing they would “Vigorously Appeal” the suspension.It was reported yesterday the UK Gambling Commission have reviewed operations and now lifted the licence suspension but will continue to monitor the operator closely.

Compliance Issues

Genesis Global operate twelve brands including Casino Cruise, Genesis Casino and Casoola. In July, the UKGC suspended Genesis licence after launching an investigation into its operational activities after identifying a number of compliance issues. Various sections were cited from the Gambling Act as the review was launched.Section 116(2)a, allows the regulator to carry out a review if “activities may have been carried on, in purported reliance on the licence but not in accordance with a condition of the licence.

“Extreme Level” Of Disappointment

After routine compliance checks flagged up inconsistencies in July, Genesis responded, stating they had passed similar reviews previous to July and passed with no issues. They claimed the suspension was “inconsistent” with previous reviews conducted by the regulator in regard to other operators. The operator expressed an “extreme level” of disappointment with the suspension, claiming the UKGC had acted in a disproportionate way.Ariel Reem, CEO at Genesis Global issued a statement on its website stating “We are pleased to announce that the suspension of our UKGC licence has been lifted as a result of the huge dedication our business has demonstrated in the last few months.“This is clear testament to our commitment to both UK regulations and our customers. “We are hugely thankful to our staff for their dedication and trust, and our suppliers who have assisted in rectifying a difficult situation which arose during unusual economic circumstances for the whole world.”    

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