UK Banks Encouraged To Provide More Availability Of Bank Card Blocking Systems

GambleAware, a UK responsible gambling charity have urged the government, financial institutions and regulators for more availability for customers to block transactions to gambling related websites.Customers now have the ability to ask online gambling operators to block transactions, providing players a chance to control their gambling habits. In the UK gambling related problems costs the country £1.2 billion and has devastating results on the lives of all involved.

28 Million Accounts Do Not Offer Blocking Systems

A special investigation report into the effectiveness and availability of card blocking systems within banking systems has found more than 28 million personal banking accounts did not offer the blocking system, and accounts that do need to be radically updated to create a higher level of protection.The report also found only eight banking institutions in the UK offer its customers the card blocking service, moreover, three of these facility options maybe switched off or are all too easy to overcome by customers who are determined to gamble.Gambling charities have urged British gambling regulators to insist all financial institutions offer its customers card blockers, and once in place, the restrictions were not to be lifted for at least 42 hours. Banks have also been urged to make customers more aware of gambling related harm and options they offer to reduce over spending on gambling websites.

Spending Controls On New Accounts

GambleAware have repeatedly made recommendations to the Financial Conduct Authority to address banking institutions to include spending controls on new debit and credit cards as a standard practice.Chief executive for GambleAware Marc Etches said,“ Keeping people safe from gambling harms requires banks to play their full part in providing customers with effective means to block gambling transactions. While some banks have taken proactive steps to help shield their customers from gambling harms, the findings of this research indicate that improvements can and should be made. We encourage the banking industry to work together alongside the government and regulators to implement the proposed recommendations.”

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