Two Darts Players Investigated For Match Fixing

A full scale investigation in to match fixing events is underway, two darts players, Wessel Nijman and Kyle McKinstry have been suspended while the incidents are investigated.

Suspicious Betting Patterns

The ‘Night At The Darts’ series was underway when suspicion arose in betting patterns between McKinstry and David Evans on 30th April. The Darts Regulation Authority brought in the Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority and Sportradar.Irish darts player McKinstry had already been charged over a game he lost 5-0, and for a game against Nijman on May 2nd. Nijman has been charged with a count of match fixing where he lost 4-0 to Evans on May 14th. At the time, Evans was cleared of any interaction in the incident of match fixing.

One Admitted The Offence

While both men are legally able to appeal, Nijman has made a full confession and has since made a full apology and is awaiting sentence. Meanwhile, McKinstry is said to be making an appeal against accusations brought against him.Nijman said, “ I would like to place on record my sincere regret and apology for the mistake I made in relation to betting and match fixing.“ I was under pressure to lose a match and I agreed to do this. I have admitted the offence and take full responsibility for it and will accept my punishment.”The players representative body (PDPA) made a statement saying how disheartened they were that two of its players have had disciplinary action brought against them for breaches of integrity rules in relation to betting and match fixing. This is deemed a serious matter and any player who breaches the rules will be punished accordingly.

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