Swedish player sweeps up at Royal Panda!

These days, within the world of online casino play it seems that the Swedes are having all the luck. Jackpot after jackpot is falling in the direction of those who live within the borders of “Moder Svea”. Proving that there is plenty of life within this trend, it looks like a Swedish player who was plying his trade at Royal Panda has claimed another big prize.

Playing The Roulette Tables

The player, know as Mikael, seems to have been tearing up the live roulette tables at this famed online casino, to the point where his efforts have become headline news. The 56-year old gambler has really put his skills the test, as since March he has won a winnings total that tops $229,000. Through several major bets he has been able to grow and improve his prize pot to the point where it is quite literally bursting at the seams. Over the course of his hot streak, his biggest win came in the form of a single slots spin, when he claimed a staggering $45,419.Swedish player sweeps up at Royal Panda!

Royal Panda’s The Place To Be

It is the worst kept secret in the world, as efforts from players like Mikael have shown that there is certainly big money to be found within the world of online casino play. Game-to-game and jackpot-to-jackpot, if you’re a gambler it certainly pays dividends to head online. Putting the get-go into online gambling, judging by Mikael’s efforts, it looks like Royal Panda has become the place to be. Through a packed selection of the very best games, along with some thrill a minute live dealer games, if you have your heart set on winning big, ensure that Royal Panda remains on your radar!Swedish player sweeps up at Royal Panda!  

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