Rapid Growth Has Mega Moolah On The Verge Of History

If you need proof of the insane growth that the iGaming industry, and especially the world of slot games is enjoying, look no further than popular Microgaming progressive jackpot slot Mega Moolah.You may well be aware that the Mega Moolah jackpot has been building up to a near record amount, just past the £18 million and heading up to the huge number one by Jon Heywood, a UK player, a few years back.Heywood in fact won £13.2 million, so a UK winner would have the title by some £5 million, but exchange rates means that a win outside of the UK may not be a euro or dollar record.Rapid Growth Has Mega Moolah On The Verge Of History


Now, obviously the slot has been up this high before, but never in this short a time, and this is what has caught the attention of many.Mega Moolah’s jackpot is building at a rate of about £1 million a month, which shows a huge number of players are playing, far more than even the same time last year.The jackpot was last won in June (2018) after May was the first month in over a year when a jackpot was not won.The £4.1 million jackpot amount was, as is the nature of the slot, used as the seed for the next jackpot amount, and that amount doubled between June and July of 2018.

World record

Jon Heywood has enjoyed his place in history since 2015, when a 25p bet saw him pick up the highest jackpot in the history of online slots, but it looks likely that a Mega Moolah player will be breaking that soon.The way the growth of the industry looks, any record made in the coming weeks may well be broken itself within the year!

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