Premier League Football Club Crystal Palace Favour Cinch for Shirt Sponsorship over Gambling brand

UK Premier League football club Crystal Palace becomes the first to ditch gambling shirt sponsorship in favour of Cinch, the online car buying company. Cinch replaces Asia-based casino and sports betting brand W88 becoming the club’s official shirt sponsor for next season’s Premier League.

Gambling Act 2005 Overhaul

It’s expected the UK government are to announce a blanket ban on gambling companies advertising on the front shirt of top league clubs. The Gambling Act 2005 is currently under review and the White Paper due for release anytime, this could possibly include a total ban on gambling firms advertising on the front of Premier League team’s football shirts.Cash strapped lower league teams including Watford and Burnley are exempt from the ban.


Cinch is an online car selling company that gained a stable reputation over the past few years. Owned by Constellation Automotive Group Limited, Cinch lauds similar sponsorship deals with Rugby team Southampton Saints, Scottish Professional Football League clubs, and the England National Cricket Team.Crystal Palace Commercial Director Barry Webber describes Cinch as ‘well established, family-friendly, and instantly recognisable’ to its customers within the UK and worldwide. He described the partnership with Cinch as ‘another statement of progress’ in terms of the club and its thousands of fans.“This is an incredibly exciting time for our partnership to begin as we enter our tenth successive season in the Premier League with a squad packed full of international talent whilst Cinch continues its impressive expansion and innovation in the car market. We look forward to helping each other secure our respective ambitions.” Cinch’s chairman Palmer-Baunack said they are delighted to be joining Crystal Palace as front shirt sponsor, further enhancing its expansion into the British car marketplace. “We look forward to working with the team, fans, and local community and have high hopes for the club the next season.”

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