Playtech Join Forces With Rightlander To Ensure Affiliate Compliance

Playtech, the world’s largest online gaming software supplier have partnered with affiliate compliance specialist, Rightlander, to supply Playtech’s operator partners with it’s compliance tool solutions.

Compliance Tools

Under the new agreement, Rightlander will supply Playtech with an Automated Compliance Monitor, Proactive Affiliate Finder, a PPC Monitor and Compliance Live where operators can track non-compliant advertising during live events in real time.With the Internet being such a vast commodity, it is often hard to detect who is actually sharing content of a non-compliant nature, a potential breech of compliance will be automatically flagged by the Automated Compliance Monitor, allowing Playtech to detect non-compliant content across various locations including the UK, US, Australia, Sweden and Denmark.Introducing the Proactive Affiliate Finder will allow Playtech operators to scan millions of web pages each month and potentially find new sites.Rightlander founder Ian Simms said,“ It’s great to see Playtech taking steps to help it’s operators to be as compliant as possible when it comes to the often-challenging area of affiliate compliance.“Our technology does much of the heavy lifting, allowing operators to clearly see publishers linking to their brands and be notified of any violation events occur.”Playtech made the decision to introduce the compliance tools Rightlander offer in a bid to stay ahead of compliance targets. A key part of their mission is to fully equipt it’s licensees with the very latest compliance tools to meet today’s strict regulatory requirements.

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