Number of Betting Ads shown During the 2022 World Cup Fell by a Third

The number of TV betting adverts shown on ITV during the World Cup group stages in 2022 fell by 34% compared to the World Cup in 2018, according to new data.A total of 110 ads appeared on ITV during the World Cup 2022 group stages, excluding lottery adverts, which is 34% less than the 167 betting adverts shown on the channel during the same stage of the last World Cup four years ago. This works out to 4.5 ads per live match at this year’s tournament, compared to 8.35 in 2018.

Positive Result

The reduction is a direct result of the whistle-to-whistle ban introduced by members of the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) in 2019. Under the voluntary ban, TV betting commercials cannot be shown from five minutes before a match kicks off until five minutes after it ends, before the 9 pm watershed. A report last year found that the ban led to a 97% reduction in the number of such ads being seen by children at that time.BGC members already pledge that 20% of their TV and radio ads are safer gambling messages. In addition to taking action on TV adverts to protect young people, BGC members have partnered with the world’s largest social media sites to introduce new age-gating rules, preventing betting adverts from being seen by those under 25 on most sites.

Boosting the UK Economy

According to a report by EY, BGC members support 110,000 jobs, generate £4.2bn in tax for the Treasury, and contribute £7.1bn in gross value added for the UK economy. They also provide £350m a year for horseracing through sponsorship, media rights, and the betting levy, £40m for clubs in the English football league, and millions more for rugby league, snooker, and darts. Every month, 22.5 million adults in the UK enjoy a game of bingo, betting on football, horses, greyhounds, and other sports. Problem gambling rates in the UK are also among the lowest in Europe at 0.3%, according to the independent regulator.

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