Novomatic snaps up the Albanian National Lottery

Novomatic is one of the top casino software providers in Europe. Most casino software providers consider buying out rivals from time to time, as a way of boosting their portfolio, and eliminating the competition. However, Novomatic have gone one further. They have chosen to buy out a national lottery. The casino software providers announced this week that they would be snapping up the Albanian National Lottery.

10 year License

Lotaria Kombëtare were awarded a ten-year license in 2012 to develop the Albanian National Lottery. The company had a reasonable degree of success in achieving those aims, and at least enough success for Novomatic to be interesting in buying them out.

Bit of a Shock

Novomatic already had several lottery enterprises in the pipeline, so the news that they have snapped up a lottery company shouldn’t come as too much of a shock. What may come as a bit of a shock, is that they have snapped up the Albanian one.

More Efficient

The Albanian National Lottery itself is not subject to change. Novomatic have merely expressed an interest in ensuring that it runs better and more efficiently. Given Novomatic’s long-standing drive to ensure high-quality lottery product, with big prizes and improved chances of success, one would expect the Albanian National Lottery to become considerably better over the coming years.

Keen to Expand

Novomatic runs operations in over 50 countries, and offers software to online casinos and other gambling enterprises in over 80. After acquiring 100% of the shares of Lotaria Kombëtare, Novomatic is keen to push on and establish their influence in other parts of Eastern and Southern Europe. How successful they will be, only time will tell.

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