No Sign Of Casinos Opening After Government Ease More Lockdown Restrictions

In an official statement yesterday, UK prime minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation once again after making the decision to lift more lockdown restrictions. As of July 4th hairdressers, pubs, restaurants, hotels and museums are permitted to open their doors.

No Mention of Casinos

Unfortunately, the list didn’t include gambling venues including casinos who had to close their doors in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Gambling businesses were not included in the broad range of businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry who can resume business on July 4th.The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) are outraged at the government’s decision calling it “inconsistent”. Casinos up and down the country have been working hard to make all venues safe and secure for its staff and casino visitors after following strict guidelines set out by the government.Visiting casinos will be an altogether different experience for customers but some of the new measures set in place will already be familiar including hand sanitising and social distancing. Perspex screens have been added at gaming machines and tables to protect staff and customers, and gaming machines, ATM’s and gaming tables will be thoroughly disinfected after each use. Only one person may enter at one time and if queues form then social distancing measures will be in place, face masks will also be made available for customers if they choose.


It seems the government have ignored these measures after failing to include casinos in the list of venues that can reopen on the 4th July.Micheal Dugher, Chief Executive for the BGC said the exclusion was “ frankly nonsensical” and went on to say the gambling industry in the UK contributes majorly to the UK’s economy, plus creates thousands of employment opportunities.Land based casinos contribute over £300 million to the HM treasury and provide employment to over 14,000 people. Every detail in the government guidelines has been covered with all customers and staff fully protected as they prepared to open their doors on the 4th July.Mr Dugher said they are hoping for further consultations with the government on the delay in opening casinos. Hopefully, casinos and gambling venues can safely open their doors along with other leisure and entertainment industry businesses on the 4th July.

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