New NHS Gambling Addiction Clinic Available In Manchester For Northern Sector Of The Country

A new NHS gambling addiction clinic has been set up in Salford Quays, Manchester. The NHS Northern Gambling Service’s new clinic will serve the Northern Midlands, North Wales and the North West of England in an ongoing effort to help people who are experiencing gambling related problems.

Help In The North

On hand to help people are a consultant psychiatrist, clinical psychologist and a senior mental health nurse to offer help to people with severe gambling addictions and patients with existing mental health issues. The clinic will also help people who are deemed at risk of taking their own life.The new clinic is the latest addition to the NHS gambling service network. The Northern Gambling Service was set up in September 2019, and the Northern clinic will work alongside the NHS plans to tackle gambling addiction within the UK. The service will now be more accessible to people living within the North west of England, one of the regions, according to reports have a large number of people who need help and support with gambling related problems.

” New Public Health Crisis”

Head of the Northern Gambling Service, Mike Gaskell has spoken of gambling addiction and labeled it a “new public health crisis”, causing serious harm to people across the UK. Harm covers not only mental health issues but also debt, homelessness, loss of jobs, family and relationship breakdown, all of which can have a detrimental affect on an individual and in severe cases lead to loss of life.The new clinic will also work alongside other organisations and charities that support people with gambling related problems. Support systems are in place for anyone who may have been affected, including family and friends of gambling addicts.The first clinic to open outside London was in Leeds in September 2019, data supplied at the time revealed over 10,000 problem gamblers lived within the city.Gambling addiction has a real impact, not only on the gambler but family and friends. One person a day will take their own life due to not coping with an addiction, with these figures clearly worrying, the NHS decided to open the Northern Gambling Service to provide people with help they so desperately need.

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