Mr Green Signs Compliance Partnership With GiG Comply

Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) recently launched their compliance technology, imaginatively entitled GiG Comply, with the intention of assisting operators in protecting themselves and gain more control over third-party advertising.One of the first operators to jump on board with GiG Comply is the immensely popular Mr Green.Mr Green Signs Compliance Partnership With GiG Comply

GiG Comply

The aim of GiG Comply is carried out through improved visibility that allows operators to see exactly how and where their brands are being used, to ensure the protection of brand integrity.The technology will protect brands from use on websites that are considered to be not brand-safe, or from misleading advertising being used by affiliates and third-parties using the brand’s name, something that has got many an operator in hot water in recent years.The handing over of control to operators will be well received, as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has proven that they are not shy to impose a fine on an operator if their brand is used in misleading third-party advertising.Partly as a result of recent UKGC charges, compliance has become of the utmost importance to operators in the iGaming world, and GiG Comply looks to be the chosen technology to help with that.

Green Gaming

Speaking of the deal they have signed with GiG Comply, CEO Jesper Karrbrink said:“We always look for ways to improve our Green Gaming thinking. By using this technology, we can ensure that traffic coming to our brand does so in a compliant and green way.”Chief Digital Officer of GiG, Richard Brown, added:“We’re immensely proud to expand our partnership with Mr Green to include GiG Comply services. Mr Green is already well-known in the market for having sustainability at the heart of its business and, as the first customer to sign up with GiG Comply,“Mr Green is now also an early leader in using new technology to help strengthen its marketing compliance.”

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