More Crippling Restrictions On The Hospitality Sector As PM Announces 10pm Curfew

Yesterday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation and announced a 10pm curfew on Casinos, pubs/bars, restaurants cinemas and bowling alleys for up to six months, after a ‘surge’ in coronavirus cases have allegedly swept the country.Many in the industry were the last to reopen after a lockdown of the country for more than three months due to the coronavirus. The new restrictions could cripple many sectors in the industry including Casinos.

‘Death Knell’ For Casinos

The Betting and Gaming council (BGC) have responded to yesterday’s announcement, Michael Dugher, BGC Chief Executive said, “ Boris Johnson may well have signalled the death knell for the casino industry by including them in the list of venues which will be forced to close their doors at 10pm. “He has taken the decision despite the sector offering to close it’s bars and restaurants inside casinos at 10pm and despite the fact the Department for Digital, Culture and Sport argued that casinos – which do up to 70% of their trade after 10pm – should be exempt from these restrictions.”

Safety Precautions In Place

The original coronavirus safety precautions rolled out by the government to ensure the safety of casino customers and staff had been witnessed by public health officials, with everything satisfactorily in place, they gave the go ahead for the casino industry to reopen.Mr Dugher went on to say, “ It is absolutely vital the government throws the industry a lifeline by putting in place an urgent economic package to alleviate the damage that this decision will cause. That must include an extension to the furlough scheme beyond 31st October. The10pm curfew will slash casino incomes by up to 75% and likely lead to half their workforce some 7,000 people made redundant.”Without the vital help the industry needs from the government, casinos will inevitably close for good. The casino industry have paid £1.3bn in taxes to the Treasury over the last three years. This revenue will be lost, so how is attacking the industry in this way going to help in the economic recovery if the whole industry goes down the pan?

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